Covid-19 Related Absences: Quarantine and Isolation Calculator

Please use the following information when reporting your absence and to determine the return to school date.

You have tested positive and/or have symptoms: Isolation Calculator

If you test positive for COVID-19, stay home and isolate for 5 days from when your symptoms began (if symptomatic) or your positive test date (if asymptomatic).

You will be marked absent for school days 1 - 5 and may return to school on the 6th day after: the first date of your symptom onset (if symptomatic) or positive test (if asymptomatic).

If you still have a fever or are not feeling that symptoms have gotten better after 5 days, continue to stay home until 24 hours after your fever resolves and you are not using fever reducing medications (such as Tylenol or ibuprofen) and symptoms have improved.

Enter the first day your symptoms began below.

You have been identified as a close contact: Quarantine Calculator

Students who were exposed to COVID-19 inside or outside of a school-related setting (regardless of vaccination status) and who are not able to wear a mask for 10 days from their last date of exposure, will need to quarantine at home for 10 days, returning on day 11.

Your first day of quarantine starts the day after your last date of exposure.

(For further guidance, you may refer to the "Mask to Stay/Test to Play" information from the Ohio Department of Health.);

Enter the date of last contact with the person who tested positive below.

Please click this link for the school district's full COVID-19 Continuity of Service Plan.